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Want to know how to start selling Online? Getting started online is a big step especially to those who are new to the digital world. There is a maze of products, terminology and methodologies that vary in price from “no cost” to tens of thousands of dollars. All purporting to do the same thing! Retailtoolbox aims to help you understand the basics of how to successfully start, and continue to sell online. Our easy to understand How to Guides and articles, will give you a practical approach to the many areas of initially setting up, refining and successfully operating your website.

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    How to Guides
    1 Getting Started Online – An Overview

    In recent years e-commerce, the buying and selling of products and services online has become one of the most important and exciting aspects of the Internet. It has many advantages over ‘bricks and mortar’ retailing:

    • Low start-up costs & long opening hours
    • Reaches a larger market worldwide
    • Provides an opportunity to compete with larger retailers

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    How to Guides
    How to Build a Website

    How you build your website can make or break your online business. This guide clearly explains the process from start to finish in 6 steps. Owning your own website will:

    • Give you total control
    • Make your online business more credible
    • Establishes your Brand

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    How to Guides
    How to Measure the Success of your Website?

    Many website owners get obsessed with the number of ‘hits’ or visitors their website receives. However, you want quality hits that actually deliver sales and enquiries.

    This guide will help you understand what you need to do to measure your website’s performance and where to go to find valuable online resources to help you.

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    Selling Online Made Easy

    Australians are embracing the idea of buying online. Retail spend has grown by 40% online, average consumer increased their spending by 10.6%. If you are in retail there is mounting evidence to ‘get online now’.

    This guide will enable you to set up the most important part of your website, the store.

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    How to Guides
    What Type of Online Business?

    Finding the right online business to suit what you want or to complement an existing ‘bricks and mortar’ business may appear harder than it really is. This guide helps you decide by first asking why you want from your online business.