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At Retailtoolbox we understand that you cannot be an “expert” in all aspects of your business. As your business grows you will need to consult with experienced people in areas of the business unfamiliar to you. Quite often you only need to check if what you are doing is the right thing or you need a direction to work towards. Our Ask an Expert service is designed for you to do just that without investing thousands of dollars in consultants or paid mentors when you may not be ready to do so.

Retailtoolbox “Ask an Expert” service gives you the opportunity to consult an experienced retail specialist on one specific issue, in one area of your business. This is a non-face to face service conducted by email and phone. Find out more about our retail experts.

Purchase your consult and follow the instructions on the pdf download. You will be asked to submit your written question and relevant information via the online form. One of our experienced retail specialists will answer your question by email within two business days. We may contact you by phone for more information.

More generic questions can be posted on the Retailtoolbox Retail Conversations Blog and let your peers give you some thoughts.

Please note that Retailtoolbox Paid Members receive one Ask an Expert consultation per year at no cost as a part of their membership fee (for full membership benefits see Become a Member).  
Please note that all information given to Retailtoolbox will be treated in the strictest confidence (see privacy policy for full details).

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